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any more. You will find yourself paragraphed in the papers now." Vera did not appear to be listening. Her beautiful face had a grave look upon it now. She hesitated for a moment before she spoke. There was no hurry about her wor

ds, but Ravenspur could not fail to see that she was palpably nervous. "It will not be for long, then," she said. "My dear guardian, can I have a few moments' conversation with you? It is not so very late, and one so seldom gets an opportu

nity." "How grave you are," Ravenspur smiled. "We will go as far as the library, if you like, and then I can smoke a cigar and listen to your weighty utterances. Come along." It was cosy enough in the library, and much more in

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viting of confidences than the stately splendour of the pillared hall. Ravenspur threw him

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ps were trembling now. Something bright and diamond-like twinkled under her lashes. "Yo

ests. You

u have been very kind to me," she said unsteadily. "Have I really, my dear? Nothing out

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of the common, I am sure. And what have I done? Given you a good education and found you

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a comfortable home; and from first to last you have never caused me a moment's anxiety. I

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have become as fond of you as if you were my own child. It will be a genuine grief to me when the right man comes along and takes

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as come when I must speak. All these years you have been showering benefits upon me. You have been treating me as if I were your own flesh and blood. Th

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  • allan Pete , usa

    e money alone that I must have cost you is enormous; and, so far as I know, I have not a penny." "You will have when I di

  • Sam Peterson , usa

    e," Ravenspur said lightly. "Oh, please don't talk like that; it makes my task all the more difficult. I have realised for a long time now that I cannot stay here, a dependant on your bounty.

  • Sarah Smith , usa

    I can never feel sufficiently grateful for what you have done for me in the past. I could not possibly put my feelings into

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words; but I have made up my mind that I must get my own living in the future. It is a ve

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ry hard thing to say, but I am going to leave you." "Did anybody ever hear an

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ything so foolish?" Ravenspur cried. "Why, this is your home. Is it your fault t

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hat you are utterly incapable of getting your own living? When I

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brought you here--a child in arms--I gave your father a solemn assurance that y

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